This is by far the largest drug bust in United States history.

The Coast Guard beat the DEA to this one. Executing an extremely successful operation. Recovered was more than 26 Tons of Cocaine. This is an obviously illegal drug within the United States. Valued at over $715 Million dollars on the street. 

Just to give you an idea just how much coke that really is. For every Kilogram there are 1,000 grams. If you calculate the total tons and convert those to grams that is equivalent to 24,131,000 grams. Yes 24 million grams. That is crazy to think about that our United States Coast Guard Single Handily saved 24 million people from their addiction.

Over 100 Suspects have been detained and will most likely receive charges for drug trafficking.

The Coast Guard, DEA, Border Patrol, and other enforcement agencies have collected 212 tons of drugs this year alone. The recent bust at Port Everglades being most important operation to date.

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